This morning in the Wyoming House of Representatives the House Revenue Committee advanced a bill that, if passed, will levy a 7% corporate income tax on C Corporations with 100 shareholders or more. This bill has broad support from leadership in both chambers and will take a full-blown industry effort to defeat. If your retail store, restaurant or lodging property has 100 shareholders or more it is critical that you email the entire house of representatives as soon as possible and urge them to vote NO ON HB 220 “Retail Fairness Act.”


A copy of the bill can be found here


For the subject of your email please put “Please Vote NO on HB 220-National Retail Fairness Act”

In the body of your email please consider the following talking points (please use your own words, do not cut and paste! Your email should be brief and to the point)

     · Explain the negative impact that a 7% corporate income tax would have on your business

     · Let them know how many Wyoming employees you employ

     · Briefly talk about how your company gives back to the local community

     · Politely explain that it is unfair to levy a brand new corporate income tax on only two sectors (retail, hospitality) of our              overall economic picture.


It is very important to remind the legislature that even though many large corporations are domiciled in other states, your stores here in Wyoming play an important role in the local communities that you operate in.

It is also very important to be polite and to thank them for their consideration.


Please email the entire Wyoming House of Representatives and address them as “Honorable members of the Wyoming House of Representatives”


Their email addresses can be found here. You can cut and past them all into one email.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


The bill will move very quickly. Action is needed TODAY. It will be up for first discussion on the house floor tomorrow.


If you have any questions please email Chris Brown at