The 64th Wyoming Legislature convened at noon on January 9, 2017 and will run until Friday, March 3, 2017. 485 total bills and resolutions were submitted by committees and individual legislators for the 2017 general session- they can be found here http://legisweb.state.wy.us/2017/billreference/BillReference.aspx?type=AL.

Key Dates
Friday, February 24 - Last day for bills to be reported out of Committee in second house
Monday, February 27 - Last day for Committee of the Whole in the second house
Tuesday, February 28 - Last day for Second Reading in the second house
Wednesday, March 1 - Last day for Third Reading in the second house
Thursday, March 2 Concurrences on Amendments/Joint Conference Committee Reports.
Friday, March 3 - Joint Conference Committee Reports; All JCC Reports due to Front Desk by 2:00 p.m. ADJOURN by Midnight.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - March 6, 7 and 8 are available if necessary

The following list is comprised of the bills currently listed, related to the retail industry in Wyoming. This list will be updated weekly. Please watch for the WRA legislative update every Monday for additions and up to date information on our legislative priorities.


Support HB 19 Sales from remote sellers
Bill would require out of state, online sellers, selling into Wyoming with more than $100,000 annually in sales or 200 transactions, to collect and remit Wyoming sales taxes. Status- passed the House and passed the Senate. The bill is currently waiting for the House to concur on an amendment that was passed on the Senate side that cleaned up some of the legal language before it is sent to Governor Mead for his signature.

Support- SF 94 Franchise Business Relationships 
The bill would define a franchisee's employee as their own and not the employee of the franchisor and would protect franchisor's from unwarranted lawsuits, etc. It helps protect the franchise model of business.
Status-passed the Senate and passed House Corporations Committee. Awaiting Committee of the Whole (First Reading) in the House

Bills That Have Died

HB 49 Mountain Daylight Savings Time
Would place Wyoming into the central time zone for the entire year.  Status-failed in House Minerals Committee

HB 85 Unemployment Compensation-Delinquent Employers
Would allow delinquent employers to enter into an installment plan for up to 12 months when warranted.
Status- was not heard in House Labor Committee

HB 102 Lodging Tax Rate
Would allow additional 2% local option lodging tax earmarked for tourism related infrastructure. Would allow shifting of lodging tax to be used for up to 4% for infrastructure or up to 4% for promotion with a total of no more than 6% tax imposed.
Status- failed in House Revenue Committee-lack of a second motion

HB 140 Minimum Wage
Amended to raise Wyoming State minimum non-tipped wage to federal level of $7.25/hr
Status- failed on First Reading in the House

HB 141 Daylight Savings Time Exemption
Would exempt Wyoming from daylight savings time.
Status-failed in House Minerals Committee

HB 149 Lodging Tax Distribution
Would split local option lodging tax collections from the current 90/10 for local promotion to 50/50 promotion with half going to local government. Status- failed in House Revenue Committee 8-1

Oppose HB 151 Cigarette Tax
Proposes to increase taxes on cigarettes. 

HB 168 Tobacco Tax
Proposes to increase taxes on all tobacco productsStatus- failed in House Revenue Committee                                     

HB 169- Prohibited Firearms-Business and Commercial Establishments
Bill states that anyone that prohibits the carrying of a firearm on the person's commercial or business premises by an individual legally allowed to carry shall assume responsibility for the safety and protection of the individual while on the premises.
Status-was never introduced in the house

HB 234- Airport Support
Would adjust the lodging tax split of 60/30/10 in applicable county to be 10/50 (for airport funding) 30/10
Status- was not considered in committee

HB 269 Prohibited Question on Job Applications
Bill would prohibit employers from asking about applicant’s criminal history on job applications.
Status-never introduced in house

HB 290- State Lodging Tax
Would create a 1% statewide lodging tax with 100% collections going to Game and Fish.
Status- was never heard in House Revenue Committee


HB 71 Unemployment Insurance-electronic communications
Would allow Unemployment Insurance notifications to be delivered electronically through email as specified. Status- passed House and passed the Senate. Governor Mead has signed.

HB 80 Transportation Network Companies
Would allow companies like UBER to operate in Wyoming. Status-passed House and passed Senate Corporations Committee. Awaiting Committee of the Whole (First Reading) in the Senate

HB 84 Workers compensation-delinquent employers
Would allow delinquent employers to enter into an installment plan for up to 12 months when warranted. Status- passed house and Senate Labor Committee. Awaiting Committee of the Whole (First Reading) in the senate

HB 92 Payment of wages upon termination-time limits
Would allow employers to pay final pay based upon a collective bargaining agreement between the employer and employee. Status- passed house and senate. Governor Mead has signed.

HB 114 Service and Assistance Animals
Establishes a penalty for those falsely impersonating a Service Animal in a business. Status-passed House and passed Senate Travel Committee. Awaiting Committee of the Whole (First Reading) in the Senate

HB 267 LLC and Corporation License Fees
Raises license fees on LLC and Corporation License Fees fro $50.00 annually to $75.00 annually
Status- passed house and awaiting hearing in Senate Corporations Committee

SF 53 Veterans hiring preference
AN ACT relating to veterans; specifying the hiring preference in public employment for veterans and surviving spouses of deceased veterans; eliminating the residency requirement for the preference; amending archaic language; and providing for an effective date.
Status-passed Senate and House Transportation Committee. Awaiting Second Reading in the House

SF 62 Tele pharmacy-amendments
Amends the statute authorizing tele pharmacy in Wyoming. Removes the 25 mile distance requirement. Status- passed the Senate and passed Committee of the Whole (First Reading) in the House

SF 121 Wyoming Pharmacy Act- Amendments
Bill makes numerous modifications to the Wyoming Pharmacy Act
Status-passed the senate and passed House Corporations Committee. WRA has weighed in with some recommended amendments, which have also passed.

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