February 20, 2018

The 2018 budget session kicked off last Monday and will run for 20 working days until Friday, March 9, 2018. There were a total of 336 bills and resolutions introduced.  Many did not make the 2/3 vote needed in their house of origin for introduction and some were not even considered. A complete list of all of the bills listed for this session can be found here http://legisweb.state.wy.us/2018/billreference/BillReference.aspx?type=ALL

The Biennium Budget will be debated this week.  Mirror budget bills will be debated simultaneously in the house and the senate.  Any differences that are not concurred on in each chamber will be sent to a conference committee assigned by leadership in both chambers to work out the differences.  The budget bill can be seen here http://legisweb.state.wy.us/2018/Introduced/HB0001.pdf

As a number of bills that could impact the retail industry across Wyoming have been introduced and are working through the process towards becoming law. Your association will be very closely monitoring these and we are engaging as necessary.

The following list is comprised of the bills currently listed, related to the retail industry in Wyoming. This list will be updated weekly.  Please watch for the WRA legislative update every Monday for additions and up to date information on our legislative priorities and please keep a close eye out for any “Calls to Action” as needed.

To listen live to the action happening at the 2018 legislature please click here http://wyoleg.gov/lsoweb/AudioStream.aspx


Wyoming Office of Tourism Biennium Budget

The Joint Appropriations Committee is recommending the Wyoming Office of Tourism (WOT) biennium budget at approximately $12.5 million per year or $25 million for the biennium.  The committee upheld cuts that the Governor requested the WOT to make earlier in the year of about $200,000.  Additionally the committee earmarked approximately $200,000 to promote southwest Wyoming.  Wyoming currently ranks 31st in the nation for tourism funding. **Please keep a close eye out for updates and calls to action while the biennium budget is debated this week**

Status- The JAC proposed an additional $2 million cut to the WOT budget which the Joint Appropriations Committee supported.  We will be working to have this funding reinstated this week.


Bills that we are supporting

SF-75 Biological Products-Pharmacies


Cleans up language in the Wyoming Pharmacy Act related to biosimilars.

Status- Passed introduction and passed Senate Labor Committee.  Will be heard for first reading on the senate floor.


Bills that we are monitoring

(please email chris@wyoretail.org  with any feedback about bills that we are monitoring)


HB 10 – Workers Compensation-Exterritorial Reciprocity


Would only pay reciprocity for workers compensation cases in other states that also offer reciprocity. 

Status-Passed House Labor and House Appropriations Committees and awaiting first reading on house floor.


HB 13- Municipal extraterritorial jurisdiction-repeal


Within one mile of municipality, assuming the potential for annexation in the future, new business would need to be built to municipal standards and would be developers responsibility up front.  County commissioners would have final say.

Status-Passed introduction and will be heard in House Corporations Committee.


HB 14 Municipal Jurisdiction


Addresses same issues as HB 13 but less restrictive.  County would still have ability to nullify if warranted. 

Status-Passed introduction and will be heard in House Corporations Committee.


HB 49-Unemployment Compensation Exemption-Seasonal Employees


Would exempt employers that utilize seasonal employees working less than 21 consecutive weeks in a 12-month period from unemployment.

Status-Passed introduction and will be heard in House Labor Committee.


HB 90- Country of Origin Recognition- USA Beef


Would require conspicuous placards displayed by all beef being sold to the public, noting its country of origin.

Status-Passed introduction and will be heard in House Agriculture Committee.


SF 40- Commercial Air Service Improvement


Establishes the Wyoming Commercial Air Service Improvement Act and creates the Wyoming commercial air service improvement council and tasks them to come up with a 10 year plan to strengthen Wyoming commercial air service.

Status-Passed Senate Minerals Committee and awaits first reading on the senate floor.


Bills that have died

HB 43 Tobacco Tax


Increases the tax on cigarettes by $1.00 per pack and on up to one ounce of moist snuff by $1.00

Status- Not considered for introduction.


HB 44 Alcoholic Liquors Markup Amount


Would raise the mark up on wholesale liquor purchases for businesses buying from the Wyoming Liquor Division from 17.3% to 20.3%

Status- Failed introduction vote.


HB 45- Mountain Daylight Savings Time


Would place Wyoming on standard central time, eliminate daylight savings time (spring forward and fall back) and creating a new time zone called mountain daylight savings time

Status- Failed introduction vote.


HB 51- Reporting of Gross Receipts


Would require businesses in Wyoming to report their gross receipts on their annual filings to the Secretary of State’s office so that the state could gather data about gross receipts in Wyoming to possibly be used later when considering a gross receipts tax.

Status- Not considered for introduction.


HB 52 Lottery Tickets- Cash Only


Would require all lottery ticket sales to be cash only

Status- Failed introduction vote


HB 63- Resident Labor Requirements


Requires resident labor on public projects unless resident labor unavailable

Status- Withdrawn by sponsor


HB 68- Unemployment Compensation-Seasonal Employment


Provides exemption for employers utilizing season employees working 21 consecutive weeks or less in a 12-month period from unemployment.

Status- Not considered for introduction.


HB 107- Pharmacy Benefit Managers- Prohibited Practices


Prohibits certain practices for PBM’s and Insurers as defined.

Status- Withdrawn by sponsor.


HB 128- Food Trucks


Provides for the regulation, licensing and rulemaking related to food trucks in Wyoming.

Status- Failed introduction vote.


HB 154- Build Wyoming Loan Program


Creates the build Wyoming program providing up to $500 million for loans from the permanent Wyoming mineral trust fund for infrastructure projects.

Status- Failed introduction in the house by 1 vote.


HB 171- Minimum Wage


Would have raised Wyoming’s minimum hourly wage to $9.50/hr and tipped minimum wage to $5.50/hr

Status- Not considered for introduction.


HB 174- Statewide Lodging Tax


Would have created a 4% statewide lodging tax with half funding the Wyoming Office of Tourism and half being distributed back to local governments.

Status- Not considered for introduction.


Click here http://wyoleg.gov/LSOWEB/LegInfo.aspx for a list of all legislators’ emails, which is their preferred method of contact.

During the session you can contact a legislator to leave a message by calling the Senate receptionist at 307-777-7711 or the House receptionist at 307-777-7852.

To check on committee schedules, view bills, listen to live broadcasts of the legislative session or find out how individual legislators vote, log on to the Legislative website at http://legisweb.state.wy.us

You can also comment on bills online by visiting http://legisweb.state.wy.us/postcomments/onlinehotline.aspx.


If you have any questions, please contact Chris Brown at 307-634-8816 x 207 or chris@wyoretail.org