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The Marketplace Fairness Act

Creating a Fair and Level Playing Field for Wyoming Retailers

The issue of e-fairness generates a lot of intentionally mis-leading information. Make no mistake- the Marketplace Fairness Act, a bi-partisan bill lead by Wyoming’s U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, is about one thing-fairness for retailers.

The concept of e-fairness is a simple one – businesses that sell exclusively through the Internet should abide by the same sales tax rules as those that sell through brick-and-mortar locations. Internet-only companies should not be exempt from laws that govern their Main Street competitors. In a free market, everyone plays by the same rules without government picking winners and losers.

Why support the Marketplace Fairness Act?

Local Wyoming business owners have to band together to fight for marketplace fairness if we are ever going to see change from Washington. Online-only retailers are profiting from the perception that they are “tax-free,” and they continue to fight hard to preserve their special treatment.

By joining the Wyoming Retail Association, you will be connected with local retailers from around Wyoming and across the nation who are fighting to ensure that online-only retailers compete fairly. The Wyoming Retail Association will provide you with the resources you need to help end the sales tax loophole.

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